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The Mission of

Rapha Restoration Center

The mission of Rapha "Ropheka" Restoration Center is to bring complete and total restorative healing to the entire man. The RRC Endeavor is to make whole all parts of the spiritual man through scriptural teaching, Godly counsel and biblical direction; while regenerating the physical man via agency and resourcing services as a means to provide support pre, during and post the healing process. The RRC Endeavor is to "…heal as we touch lives."


Rapha Restoration Center History, Accolades, & Accreditation

As seen in the book of Exodus 15:26 God reveals one his many covenant names to his chosen children, the children of Israel; proclaiming that he is the Jehovah-Ropheka, the Lord that heals. Ropheka translated in Greek is "Rapha", which solely means to "heal".


Rapha "Ropheka" Restoration Center was established in the year of (2006) under the headship of then Reverend, now Pastor E. Jackie Montgomery. Rapha's conception was initiated through the service ministry of Jackie Montgomery Ministries and B.A.B.Y. (Being A Better Youth). Both of these offices purposely visited community shelters providing food and the love of Christ. In turn, for the meals provided the only recompense desired was a visit to Sunday Morning worship services then held at, New Holmes Street Baptist Church. Due to the overwhelming growth and need for additional covering needed due to Jackie Montgomery and B.A.B.Y. outreach Pastor Montgomery hearkened to the voice of the Lord in the establishment of Rapha Restoration Center, Jackie Montgomery Ministries, and B.A.B.Y., quaintly nestled in the heart of the Old North Charleston, South Carolina.

Rapha Restoration Center has been locally recognized, by the mayor of North Charleston as a functional pillar in its community and as a hub that provides biblical counseling, spiritual and emotional support to those that are in need.


Pastor Montgomery is recognized as a proficient and able-bodied minister of the body Christ, as recognized by Barbara Fishburne-Johnny founder and proprietor of New Covenant Women's Ministries, is revered by the Cooper River Baptist Association and is pronounced as Reverend. Pastor Montgomery is a part of the Covenant Pastors' of Charleston, a biblical scholar and prolific expediter of the revealed truth of God's word. Pastor E.J. Montgomery and the Rapha Restoration Center family tirelessly works to establish the truth word of God in the heart's and lives of all; endeavoring to heal the whole man.

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